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Call for scientific cooperation

“Call for scientific cooperation”

by Prof. Lorenzo Derchi:


Dear colleagues,
while digging into my archives, I have found 4 cases of metastases to the scrotum: three at the spermatic cord (from renal, colon and liver tumours) and one located below the testis (from renal cancer). I have US and CT images and pathologic proof of the disease (with microscopic images in one of them).
These are rare conditions which are described in the literature only as case report or very small series.
It could be interesting to collect a numer of cases to describe patients’ history and radiological findings and prepare, together, a meaningful paper.
I think also metastatic involvent of the testis could be included in the series.

If you have cases and are willing to cooperate, please write me to:

Best regards,
Lorenzo Derchi

The “call for scientific cooperation” section of the ESUR website was opened in 2009 as a means to facilitate cooperation among members of the Society about scientific projects.

The idea behind the initiative was to create a “place” where to present research ideas, to discuss their validity and to create opportunities for advancing them. Any member, in fact, is entitled to post on the Society’s website presenting her/his projects and asking for cooperation from all other members to bring them to completion.

The idea has proved useful and a number of “calls” published on the website have seen answers from many members and have resulted in scientific presentations and/or posters at our meetings and in the publication of a number of papers in scientific Journals.

The “call” has been mostly used to create case series on the imaging appearances of rare diseases affecting the genitourinary system or on new options for treating them. In rare diseases, a multi institutional collaboration is the only way to collect enough cases to build-up knowledge and the retrospective collection of cases, although with its inherent limitations and biases, is probably the highest level of evidence that can be available at the moment.

Scientific cooperation among Members and creation of a community of persons working together are among the main goals of a scientific Society.
For ESUR Members, the “call for scientific cooperation” is an additional possibility offered by the Society to work and grow together. All are invited to continue to use it.

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