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Call for Scientific Cooperation

#7 Call for Scientific Cooperation: Paratesticular Tumors

I have a special focus on paratesticular lesions and I presented my experience on that topic in recent ESUR meetings. I would like to gather more cases of paratesticular tumors for a scientific publication. If you have similar cases and wish to contribute please contact me mustafa.secil(at)

Thank you,

Mustafa SECIL 

#6 Call for scientific cooperation: mesothelioma of the tunica vaginalis

Dear ESUR Members,

I recently encountered a patient with mesothelioma of the tunica vaginalis. I have US, MR, macro and micro of the case. It is a severe pathological condition of which there are only case reports or small series in the literature.

If we gather our experience, we could possibly prepare a meaningful publication on this topic. If you have cases, please write me at: derchi(at)

Lorenzo Derchi

Call #5 Testicular lymphomas and their mimics

Dear friends,

we have presented at Edinburgh a poster showing the US appearances of 6 cases of testicular lymphomas and their mimics (two patients with focal inflammatory changes). We would like to gather more cases aiming at a publication on this topic.

If you have cases (US and color-Doppler US, with pathology correlation), please contact me at: bertolot(at)

Many thanks,
Michele Bertolotto

Call #3 Fibrous proliferation of the renal transplant

We have recently met two cases of large fibrous proliferation involving the hilum and pedicle of renal transplants. The patterns were initially suggestive of a lymphoproliferative disorder, but the follow-up show very slow growth while pathology confirmed benignity with massive fibrous proliferation.

If you observed similar cases, please write me: m.claudon(at)

Michel Claudon

Call #2 (CLOSED): RF ablation of tumors in renal transplants

I would like to report an experience on RF ablation of tumors in renal transplants.
I treated 4 tumors in 3 patients.
If you have cases to add, we could do a joined publication.

Write me at: nicolas.grenier(at)

All the best

Call #1: Bladder pheochromocytoma

I have recently met a patient with a bladder pheochromocytoma. There are only case reports or small series on this rare conditions, and this new feature of the ESUR website can help to gather many and prepare a meaningful publication.

If you have cases, please write me at: marie-france.bellin(at)

M.F. Bellin