last updated: 09:58 Fri 11 Jul 2014

Call for Scientific Cooperation

#8 Call for scientific cooperation: synchronous testicular tumors of asymmetric histology

Dear colleagues,

I have recently met a patient with synchronous testicular tumors of asymmetric histology (mixed germ cell on the right side, and seminoma on the left). This finding, although well recognized in the pathology literature, is regarded as rare, and there are only a few case reports in the imaging literature. Please, check your files for similar cases (send me images and, possibly, also some clinical information about surgical approach, post surgical treatment and follow-up). If you have casez we can gather our esperiences and, hopefully, prepare a meaningful paper on this topic. You can contact me at: derchi(at)


#7 Call for scientific cooperation: paratesticular tumors

I have a special focus on paratesticular lesions and I presented my experience on that topic in recent ESUR meetings. I would like to gather more cases of paratesticular tumors for a scientific publication. If you have similar cases and wish to contribute please contact me mustafa.secil(at)

Thank you,

Mustafa SECIL 

#6 Call for scientific cooperation: mesothelioma of the tunica vaginalis

Dear ESUR Members,

I recently encountered a patient with mesothelioma of the tunica vaginalis. I have US, MR, macro and micro of the case. It is a severe pathological condition of which there are only case reports or small series in the literature.

If we gather our experience, we could possibly prepare a meaningful publication on this topic. If you have cases, please write me at: derchi(at)

Lorenzo Derchi

Call #3 Fibrous proliferation of the renal transplant

We have recently met two cases of large fibrous proliferation involving the hilum and pedicle of renal transplants. The patterns were initially suggestive of a lymphoproliferative disorder, but the follow-up show very slow growth while pathology confirmed benignity with massive fibrous proliferation.

If you observed similar cases, please write me: m.claudon(at)

Michel Claudon

Call #1: Bladder pheochromocytoma

I have recently met a patient with a bladder pheochromocytoma. There are only case reports or small series on this rare conditions, and this new feature of the ESUR website can help to gather many and prepare a meaningful publication.

If you have cases, please write me at: marie-france.bellin(at)

M.F. Bellin