Ludovico Dalla Palma (1928 - 2017)

Dear Colleagues,
Dear All,

The Department of Diagnostic Imaging and all those who benefited from his leadership deeply regret to inform you that Prof. Ludovico Dalla Palma passed away this morning. Another great loss for Italian and European Radiology.

All  of us express their sincerest senses of sympathy to the family and radiological school of Trieste.

Prof. Ludovico Dalla Palma was a master of teaching and a reference for Italian and International Radiology Community. Prof. Dalla Palma was one of the co-founders of the European Society of Uroradiology (ESUR). He gave prestige to our discipline as President of Italian Society of Radiology (SIRM) and through leading positions in many European Societies.

Our thoughts and sincere senses of grief and sympathy today go to the family and closest friends, and to the members of the Radiological School of Trieste, and in particular to Professor Maria Cova and Prof. Fulvio Stacul, and all students of Prof. Ludovico Dalla Palma.

Ludovico will be missed.

Respectfully yours,

Raymond Oyen
President ESUR


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